I turned up to the legendary Glenferrie Oval in 1990. Geoff Lord sent me a letter. I had long hair and a baseball cap. Yabby was crook. Interim Coach, Allan Joyce, met me and dressed me down.

AJ: What are you doing here?

JG: I‘m here to train.

AJ: Well, get changed for training.

JG: What time is that?

AJ: 4.30

JG: What time is it now?

(At that point AJ looked at his watch and pointed to the master clock.)

AJ: Get changed. Get your cap off and cut your hair.

JG: John Platten has long hair?

AJ: And he’s a Brownlow medalist.

Hawthorn Football Club was built on strict values, decency and tough stuff. All thanks to one man.

Vale John Kennedy

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