"I can't believe the news today." U2

Saturday night might be Elton's night for fighting, but Sunday is going to be a Father's Day massacre. I may have a habit of dramatising and interspersing popular culture and occasional dad humour with my message, but this one is short, sweet and straight from the heart. Other than the reference to the cross generational Irish superstar Bono (From the latin 'Bonavox' for good voice), I'm going to cut to the chase.

Tomorrow, the most damaging government in Australian history is going to roll out their strategy. Without deciphering jargon, traffic lights, road maps, buffer zones, health advice, statistics, metrics and data, I'm here to tell you there ain't no plan. The HSC/VCE me knows that failing to plan, is planning to fail. Unfortunately, the author of this 'plan' is a failure. I have no idea what his 'Anderson Score' was, but it was enough to get him into Monash Arts at Mannix College.

In my 1991 'O' Week at the University of Melbourne, I noticed graffiti in the toilets of the Commerce Faculty. In perfectly neat handwriting there was an instruction above the toilet roll. It read, "Arts degrees, please take one." Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I do know that it took DanielSon 7 years to complete his 3 year degree. He is not a doctor, nor an economist. He is a Jack of no trade, nor master of one.

Tomorrow he reveals a fold out map to get us out of the mess that he put us in. Choosing Father's Day has a wonderful serendipity. No dad likes to admit he's lost. Unfortunately OldManDan is up shit creek without a paddle.

This Father's day, I don't want a pair of jocks or socks. I want OldManDan to resign. He won’t. He has become obsessed with his one man war. He has blood on his hands and genuinely believes redemption can only come with complete eradication. He genuinely believes that he must win his war, at all costs.

I hope that members of his own party read the reaction of the people. I hope that the power brokers flex their muscle and install a new leader. The problem is who, how and when? How long must we sing this song?

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