"In the words of my people, may your life be an oasis surrounded by waving palms, warm breezes, and spit-free camels." Corporal Max Klinger

I watched M.A.S.H. every night after school. I loved Benjamin 'Hawkeye' Pierce, Margaret 'Hot lips' Houlihan and the entire kooky cast. It filled me with laughter and twanged my '70s heart strings. One of my favourites was the Toledo Tornado. The cross dressing corporal challenged societal norms. In fact, he used his stunt as means for a Section 8 to get him 'sent home' from the Korean War. He found a 'loop hole'.

I love loop holes. I love the law and trying to beat it. I love Sections within legislation. Heaven knows we need a win. Ladies, Cross Dressers and Gentleman:

The Retail Leases Act (2003)

S. 46 Estimate of outgoings

(2) The landlord must give the tenant a written estimate of the outgoings to which the tenant is liable to contribute under the lease that itemises those outgoings.

(4) The tenant is not liable to contribute to any outgoings of which an estimate is required to be given to the tenant as set out in this section until the tenant is given that estimate.

S. 47 Statement of outgoings

(2) The landlord must prepare a written statement that details all expenditure by the landlord, in each of the landlord's accounting periods during the term of the lease, on account of outgoings to which the tenant is liable to contribute.

(3) The landlord must make the statement available to the tenant at least once in relation to expenditure during each of the landlord's accounting periods during the term of the lease.

That means that all of you have the opportunity to recoup your outgoings if your landlords have failed their obligations under The Act.

Hot Lips: How could I ever thank you?

Klinger: You could let me try that nail polish!

I'll take lunch. Power to the people.


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