In 1967 an Anglo-US alliance was born. It had nothing to do with war. It was peace, love and beautiful music.

In 1974 Stevie Nicks added the Mac to Fleetwood and the rest is music legend. Stevie's raw and rough sound shot the band to super stardom. The 11th, yes 11th album was titled 'Rumours'. It rocketed to number 1 on the US charts. FM's discography is littered with hits, poetry and seminal sounds.

Someone famous said, 'Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots'. In the last week or so, I have been both fool and idiot. I'm not ashamed. I'm not afraid to admit when I get it wrong. I'm engaging LinFox to distribute the slabs that I have lost in bets to journos and politicians.

I wanted so badly to believe that the Australian Labour Party, at both State and Federal level, would stand up to the school yard bully. There were insiders telling me that the Right and Non-Aligned Right had the numbers to instil change. Pallas and Merlino were going to take charge. For their own jobs. For Federal comrades. For the greater good.

This morning, Tim Pallas turned up wearing a saggy collared shirt and towed the party line. Dan was up and about. He had his spring back. Clearly the dissidents have been spoken to.

Today I saw footage of police storming Victoria Market. I saw the steps of Parliament house invaded by militarised police. I've seen women dragged from cars.

I have had enough. I can't reveal too much, but in the words of the cranially challenged Luke Cornelius, the Premier's feet won't hit the ground.

To The Dishonourable Daniel Andrews (Member for Mulgrave). You have 'gone your own way' and #itstime to call it. Stevie says so.

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