"Quit yo Jibber-jabber! You ain't hurt, yo pathetic!, Argh! If I ever catch you acting like a crazy fool again, you're gonna meet my friend pain!" Mr. T

On January 7, 2013, our fearless state leader was in Blairgowrie. On a purported return trip from the beach, Dan the Man, Catherine the Great and the Andrews kids were involved in a vehicle accident. A 15 year old boy was seriously injured.

According to DapperDan, the teenage cyclist 'T-Boned' his motor vehicle, shattering glass. Now i'm no TAC expert, but it sounds a fraction on the nose.


  1. What time did the incident occur?

  2. What sort of car were the Andrews driving?

  3. What direction were they travelling?

  4. What speed were they travelling?

  5. Where was the exact location of the accident?

  6. What sort of bike was involved?

  7. Which direction was the cyclist travelling?

  8. What speed was he travelling?

  9. Were there any car skid marks?

  10. Were there any bike skid marks?

  11. What was the damage to the car?

  12. What was the damage to the bike?

  13. Do the damages correlate?

  14. What were the injuries? Do they correlate with the accident report?

  15. Was there an ambulance on scene?

  16. Were there police on scene?

  17. Were there any witnesses?

  18. Was the supposed driver breathalysed or drug tested? Was the Premier tested?

  19. Was the cyclist breathalysed or drug tested?

  20. Where is the bike?

  21. Where is the car?

  22. Who performed any repairs to either vehicle? Where are those reports?

  23. Why were there no witness statements? If there were, where are they?

  24. Were there police statements?

  25. Were there ambulance statements?

  26. Are there any recordings on emergency services lines?

  27. Why did Daniel Andrews leave the scene of the accident?

  28. Which vehicle did he leave in?

  29. Which vehicle did he return in?

  30. Who was driving the car in the first place?

  31. Where was the sun?

  32. What was visibility like?

  33. Was there smoke in the air?

  34. Was either party distracted?

In better times, these things have a way of disappearing. In bad times, these things need to reappear. I can't sit back and watch this man destroy livelihoods and economies. Don't forget Al Capone went to jail on tax evasion.

"Yo makin' me mad sucker"

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