"I am woman, hear me roar

In numbers too big to ignore" Helen Reddy 1971

In her seminal song, Helen punctuated a movement and delivered a soundtrack to generations of women. She aroused power, passion and femininity in her ballad and rocked the world with her message.

In today's The Age Wendy Tuohy wrote a clever piece highlighting another ill considered and inequitable consequence of poor government policy. It states "Australian Bureau of Statistics payroll data last week revealed Victorian women lost jobs at more than four times the rate of men in July." It goes on to warn of "generational financial catastrophe for young women and a severe hardship for women intending to return to work in their '40s after time out for child rearing."

ScoMo and ChairmanDan's commitment to the heavily male construction industry and the fact that predominantly female childcare workers were the first and only group to have JobKeeper removed early, means that women are being left behind. Our hospitality industry is also heavily represented with the fairer sex.

Hospitality has been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. The amount of women in hospitality means, once again, that all genders are not being considered equally.

Time to roar.

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