"On any other day, I might care what you say..." Weddings Parties Anything.

I saw WPA at the underage 'Phantom Club". I also fell in love with 'Painters and Dockers' and learnt to slam dance, but that's another story. I assembled my Grandfather's dinner suit, my own white shirt and leather tie and my brother's pointed shoes. I single handedly destroyed the ozone layer with hairspray and Calvin Klein eternity. As a Dad, the song that remains in my psyche is 'Father's Day'.

Chairman Dan. Of all days, why pick Sunday September 6th to announce your road map with traffic lights and stop/slow signs? It's as though you are trying to slip it through while people are distracted with more important family matters. You have slipped out your union manifesto and are revealing all under the cover of darkness. There will be business openings, but they will be in heavily unionised sectors. I have read your secret play book.

Guess what? Hospitality remains on the bench. The Captain has made another 'Captains Call'. In fact, that's all he ever does. Our, not so little, industry will remain under house arrest for another month from the time of writing. I do have some 'positive' news. From October 1st we are allowed to re-open! Call your staff. Call your suppliers. Call your customers. We are back baby!

Now, before you get too excited, it's outdoor trade only in the former world's most liveable, but weatherly erratic, city.

We are able to run a version of our businesses as long as it is in open air. I'm positive that Chairman Dan has already pre-negotiated with all of the local councils to ensure we can expand our outdoor trading footprints... NOT!

Regular trade is scheduled to return from November 1st. Back to Stage 2. I hope that you can all hang on until then.

The old HospoVet advice is to come up with a plan to speak to your neighbours, use your public spaces and create outdoor 'open air' pop ups. Forget 'Footpath Trading Permits' and use any council land that is nearby. Use your indoor furniture and buy some cheap umbrella heaters. Use your imagination. Take over your local domain. I can guarantee these bumble heads won't fine you.

Either way, I won't be tuning in on Sunday. It's Father's day for christ's sake.

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