"The lust of a pioneer will acknowledge no frontier." Split Enz

Our 'pioneer' has struck a deal with independent state MPs to continue Victoria’s state of emergency. The megalomaniac's ambit claim for a 12 month extension to his draconian reign of abuse has worked a treat. I'll give it to him, he's no dumb dumb. He's tough, focussed and politically savvy. He's also 'loyal' to his constituents. The problem is, his constituents are not every day Victorians. They are institutions, very powerful ones. From insider accounts, he's also a misogynist and a bully, calling female colleagues Moles and C&$ts.

Justice Coate's inquiry has shown that the 'Big V' spent $130m on his genius hotel quarantine program. That's tax payer money. For the record, 'The Blues' spent $50m and 'The Maroons' $19m.

Our Victorian Police are being paid overtime and penalty rates for keeping us under house arrest. I shudder to think of the cost of this initiative. I wonder whether old mate did a 'cost benefit' analysis in his 3 year Arts degree that took him 7 years? Maybe he conceived his manifesto in his casual job down time (with weekend penalty rates) when he was selling hot dogs, booze and driving a truck before he donned a red shirt in his first job in a Labor electoral office.

I am genuinely concerned by his state of mind. I think his ideological arrogance has broken his brain. He is behaving like a true sociopath. He seemingly has no understanding and no empathy for the damage he is inflicting on the hearts and minds of Victorians. He has no grasp of basic economics and the societal benefits or damage of economic policy. His reliance on one man for health advice, his isolation from his own cabinet and his defiance to provide any form of transparency smacks of a dictatorship.

The leaky boat is flooding with water. We are sinking. I'm abandoning ship and swimming for my life. I'm tipping CaptainDan will be stoic and go down with his vessel. A smarter tack would be to work with his crew and start bailing water to 'Save Our Souls'.

"A man will do more for his stubbornness than for his religion or his country." E. W. Howe

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